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PFR Series – Picking Flow Racks

The PFR series is a unique, custom designed, high density picking flow rack.  Use with or without other Accutrieve systems components.  In conjunction with an Accutrieve workstation, there are two main deployments of the high density picking flow racks.

The first deployment would be placing them adjacent to a carousel based prescription fulfillment station for higher volume product or larger form factor product that is not assigned to an inventory location within the carousel.  The second deployment would be positioning the high density flow rack around a PExS manual workstation creating a fast moving workstation.



The PFR series flow racks are 4′ x 4′ or 16 square feet.  

The minimum pick face (width) is 3″.  The maximum pick face (width) is 48″.

The standard configuration provides 48 pick faces – 8 pick faces per shelf at 6″ widths and 6 shelves per flow rack.

Any configuration of pick face widths and shelves can be achieved within the constraints.

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