A New Spin on Pharmacy Automation…

We Do The Boring Things – So You Don’t Have To!

Our solutions organize your work and optimize your staff, while minimizing your expenses. All of our solutions are focused around one common goal: filling prescriptions in a precise, efficient and cost effective manner.

Fill More Scripts

Quickly & More Accurately

Reducing Labor Hours

Becoming More Efficient


While Saving Space

Every year it’s the same goal: How to offset margin loss and implement patient centric programs to better compete in your local market.

But there’s still a problem…

  • You’re not able to focus on the patient
  • Growing difficulty in managing COGS and GCR
  • Too many staffing issues
  • Previous solutions cost you time and money
  • Your staff is focused on repetitive tasks
  • Patients feel you and your staff rushing around

Let us help you fill prescriptions faster, more accurately and improve your overall efficiency, so your patients receive the attention that they require.


See How We Are Putting A New Spin
On Filling Prescriptions!

We Bring The Product To You—Don’t Waste Time Walking The Aisles!

Realize Improvements to Your Fill Rates, Accuracy & Efficiency

It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3


1. Schedule an initial consult with us to review the issues you want to resolve. You will learn about our software and which solution best fits your needs.


2. See our technology in action with a live stream demo just for you. You will see how our software and our carousels can improve your pharmacy.


3. We will model out the before and after using our solutions so you will see exactly where your savings come from. Benefits are realized upon implementation!

I have worked with the Accutrieve team on several projects over the years. They are very knowledgeable in the practice of pharmacy and their solutions show that experience. 

They are organized, thorough and deliver what they say they will.

Jeffery – LTC RPh/Pharmacy Executive

The PS1000 is really pretty clever. The high density storage gets us almost 600 SKU’s in each carousel.  Both retrieving and replenishment is very quick. 

This has immediately reduced our tech hours by one FTE and we are evaluating even more.

Catherine – LTC RPh/PIC

When they said they would double my fill rates, I actually laughed.  

But the joke is on me because they actually tripled my fill rate with the carousels.

Alec – Retail RPh Manager

Accutrieve’s approach is unique from what I have seen in the marketplace. 

It is innovative in how they reduce the number of times you have to handle a prescription and how the scripts are organized to the desired end point.

Matthew – RPh/PIC

The way Accutrieve does pharmacy is very quality focused.  

There are so many redundant checks and with no keyboards on the floor and with everything barcoded, dispensing errors have become a thing of the past.

Patrick – Mail Order Pharmacy Executive

The Accutrieve system delivered what they said it was going to.  

Plus it enabled us to think differently about our entire operation.  

We saved space, technician and pharmacist labor and reduced our monthly inventory carrying cost.

Kenneth – Retail Pharmacy Owner/Operator

I love to work on the Accutrieve system.  

It does the majority of everything for me.  

All I have to do is apply the label and verify with the barcodes.

Aashvi – LTC Pharmacy Technician


our fast index speeds and consolidated workflows 

let you fill all types of prescriptions in a snap!

Make your pharmacy 


Management is simple and our machines don’t talk back.


Your wish is granted!

  • Increase Throughput
  • Eliminate Errors
  • Reduce Labor Hours
  • Improve Space Utilization
  • Improve Quality
  • Enable 1 Backend Workflow
  • Work to Tote
  • Be Fast, Accurate &  Efficient

Partner with a technology company that delivers results!

We may specialize in PHARMACY, but our technologies readily transfer to your industry as well:

  • Boxed Subscription Services
  • High Value Item Dispensing
  • Controlled / Hazardous Materials
  • Unattended Retailing / Kiosk
  • Warehouse / Pick Pack Ship
  • Kitting / Assembly
  • Manufacturing

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