Pharmacy Execution Software

PExS – Pharmacy Execution Software

Accutrieve’s Pharmacy Execution Software (PExS) is a fully hosted, comprehensive, backend fulfillment software platform.  It is the technological core that supports pharmacies to have a single workflow from the moment a prescription is verified after order entry all the way through patient pick up or through delivery, depending on the type of pharmacy.

Streamline fulfillment operations

The PExS manages the complete fulfillment operation.  As orders are received into the system, they are queued for optimization and then executed in batches defined by business rules.  These rules provide consistency in how orders are managed and prioritized.  Orders are optimized and routed between the PExS workstations, Accutrieve carousels, Accutrieve filling and processing cells or other 3rd party systems.

Realize benefits quickly

Accutrieve’s PExS can be used as a standalone software solution.  Simply register the inventory used at each current filling station and any type of prescription can be filled using the PExS easy to learn, single workflow software.

Increase fill rates

Although pharmacies see increases of approximately 200% just with a PExS manual filling station, realize an additional 200% improvement in fill rates by plugging in Accutrieve’s carousel technologies.  Accutrieve has many different carousel systems and sizes to meet any pharmacy need.

Fill More Scripts

Quickly & More Accurately

Reducing Labor Hours

Becoming More Efficient


While Saving Space

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We may specialize in PHARMACY, but our technologies readily transfer to your industry as well:

  • Boxed Subscription Services
  • High Value Item Dispensing
  • Controlled / Hazardous Materials
  • Unattended Retailing / Kiosk
  • Warehouse / Pick Pack Ship
  • Kitting / Assembly
  • Manufacturing

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