Why we’re different

The “Right” Approach…

Remember sitting with your last pharmacy automation sales person who convinced you this big box of whatever was going to be perfect sitting in the middle of your pharmacy workflow?
Very few pharmacy automation solutions integrate with your existing workflow.  Since they typically don’t work with your existing workflow, you are faced with working through or working around those solutions.

Our approach is different.  We offer a universal workflow methodology for your entire backend operation.  Accutrieve’s pharmacy execution software and workflow is designed to integrate with your pharmacy management software and existing workflow.  Utilize our unidirectional or bidirectional interface capabilities to unify prescription status on your dashboards.  Once a prescription is entered and approved, it is sent to Accutrieve to be queued and then batched via business rules that you manage and maintain.  Keeping you in control.  Our workstations automatically process these prescriptions with our consolidated workflow.  We then provide container routing to other workstations and systems until we enter back into your workflow at the stage you designate.

The “Right” Automation…

Absolutely, you have a right to be skeptical.  Your last attempt at “automation” produced lack luster results.  Hundreds of thousands invested with marginal results.  Sound familiar?

Many automation providers attempt to impress you with the words “automated”, “AI”, “robotic” and the like.  Many providers say their system is robotic when it isn’t or they deploy a robot when one is not necessary.

Accutrieve delivers cost effective solutions.  The way we do that is by deploying the right type of technology to solve a particular issue.  We look at ways to alleviate your staff from doing repetitive, mundane, non-revenue generating tasks.  If the items being handled are consistent in form factor, a robotic solution may be deployed.  If the items being handled consist of a wide variety of form factors, then Accutrieve consolidates tasks before and after the item handling, making the process more efficient.


The “Right” Solution…

Jaded by previous experiences where, after significant investment, you realize you either over paid for your pharmacy automation or were sold far over the capacity that you really needed?

Our solutions are sized to benefit the smallest of pharmacies while being scalable to support the largest pharmacy operation.  Accutrieve works closely with each client using a unique solutioning process called AccuSolvRx.

AccuSolvRx analyzes in detail at your pharmacy’s prescription orders, inventory usage, purchasing history, labor utilization, your main business objectives and specific issues you are seeking to resolve.  We then show you what the benefits will be using Accutrieve, solutioned specifically to your needs yet enabling your pharmacy to grow, scaling accordingly.

Fill More Scripts

Quickly & More Accurately

Reducing Labor Hours

Becoming More Efficient


While Saving Space

Partner with a technology company that delivers results!

We may specialize in PHARMACY, but our technologies readily transfer to your industry as well:

  • Boxed Subscription Services
  • High Value Item Dispensing
  • Controlled / Hazardous Materials
  • Unattended Retailing / Kiosk
  • Warehouse / Pick Pack Ship
  • Kitting / Assembly
  • Manufacturing

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